Welcome to NeverStopSmoking.com

Welcome to NeverStopSmoking.com!

I think we all have some fond memories of BBQ in our lives. It could be an event, a place, the smell, the company, or even the cook that we think of everytime we eat it. For me, I always think of my grandparents cooking out. I know they didn't always use the techniques I'd consider right today, but that didn't matter. Papa's ribs were always great. I still think of them everytime I cook ribs. I hope this website will help prompt to start making some similar memories for your family and some really good food in the process. Put away the crock pot, don't even think of boiling those ribs. Real BBQ is easy and you can do it.

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Please explore the menu to the left to find cooking tips, equipment hints, and more. I'd recommend reading the techniques section first to have a good understanding of the basics I use when talking about cooks.

03/09/2011 - I've added a how-to for building a small smoker from a Smokey Joe and a tamale steamer.

06/24/2010 - First draft of most of my content is up. I'm going to try to keep adding more and adding better pictures in the coming weeks.

06/01/2010 - Starting to set up the site today. Content to follow.

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