Thermoworks Thermapen

Thermoworks Thermapen is one of those products I consider a must have. Yes, I realize that it is $100 for a thermometer, but how much money have you spent on overcooked steaks or wound up with dry chicken breasts? The average cheap digital read instant thermometers use a technology known as a thermistor while the Thermapen uses a thermocouple in very fine tipped probe. The end result is a thermometer that really does show an accurate temperature in 3 seconds, the cheap models are closer to 20 seconds. When you open the device, it turns on, when you close it, it turns off again.

I've put some handy temperatures on the back of mine.

The fine tip means you can use it for measuring thing items that cannot be accurately measured with large tipped thermistor based designs.

Bottom line, I wish it were cheaper too. It is a well made accurate piece of equipment and their customer service department seems attentive and helpful. For as much as you should be taking the temperature of the food's you're cooking, I think the Thermapen becomes a must have item.

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